Colloquium Series 2008-2009 | Brown Bag Seminar Series


Robert Wood Johnson Professional Center
97 Paterson Street Room 314
New Brunswick, NJ

Time: Thursdays, 3:00-4:00 PM

  • September 4
    Sabine Kastner, PhD
    Princeton University
    Mechanisms of Visual Attention in the Human Brain
  • October 2
    Anne Treisman, PhD
    Princeton University
    Broad or Narrow Focus of Attention: How Does It Determine What We See?
  • November 20
    Jeannette Haviland-Jones, PhD
    Rutgers University – New Brunswick
    Fears, Flowers and Pheromones: The ANS Could Be Responding to Mood Chemosensory Information
  • December 4
    Tor Wager, PhD
    Columbia University
    Prefrontal regulation of affect: Placebo responses and context-based shaping of pain, stress, and negative emotion
  • January 15
    Charlotte Markey, PhD
    Rutgers University - Camden
  • February 5
    Rochel Gelman, PhD
    Rutgers University – New Brunswick
    Core and Non-Core Domain
  • March 5
    Karen E. Adolph, PhD
    New York University
    Unique Moves
  • April 16
    Marsha A. Weinraub, PhD
    Temple University
    Changes in Mothers and Fathers’ Sensitivity With Their Sons and Daughters Over Time
  • May 7
    April Benasich, PhD
    Rutgers University – Newark
    Timing, Information Processing and Efficacy: Predicting Emerging Language and Cognition
  • June 11
    Karin Stromswold, PhD
    Rutgers University - New Brunswick
    The Genetic Specificity of Linguistic Heritability: Clues and Complexities