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We are evaluating our work with brief surveys. This informs us about our audience and also provides feedback so that we can constantly improve our program. These surveys are only to be taken before and after our live RIOT presentation. THANK YOU FOR COMPLETING OUR BRIEF SURVEYS AND EVALUATIONS!

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Name: Jill Williams, MD and Kelley Hamilton


Phone: (848) 228-2554

The Rutgers Interdisciplinary Opioid Trainers (RIOT) program is meant to provide a FREE 1 hour training to community members to educate them about the opioid epidemic in NJ, how to manage an overdose, and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). 

Who We Are                

We are Graduate Students at Rutgers University from these schools:

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
School of Public Health
Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
School of Social Work
Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology
School of Health Professions
Graduate School in Biomedical Science

Our supervisor is Dr. Jill Williams from the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Division of Addiction Psychiatry.

We are committed to increasing education and reducing stigma about Opioid Use Disorder and Medication Assisted Treatment.

RIOT is sponsored by a grant from the NJ Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health & Addiction Services

What We Do

We are able to come to you and provide a FREE 1 hour educational talk on the Opioid Crisis. Our target audience is community groups in the state of New Jersey. This talk gives a broad overview of the current US Opioid Crisis and includes discussion of Opioid Use Disorder, Overdose Management and Medication Assisted Treatments.

Title of the Presentation:

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic:

A Primer on Opioid Addiction, Overdose Management, and Medication Assisted Treatment

Contact us to schedule a FREE presentation

Name: Jill Williams, MD and Kelley Hamilton


Phone: (848) 228-2554

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We are fortunate to have Sazha Ramos as member of the RIOT Program. Ramos graduated from Northern Arizona University with a BA in Applied Human Behavior and is continuing her education at Rutgers School of Social Work. Currently, Sazha Ramos consults for SAFE Project, a national non-profit addressing the US addiction epidemic, as their Recovery Housing Manager. She is leading her team to build the nation's first recovery housing locator. The SAFE Community Playbook is a comprehensive resource of how to organize, evaluate and create change in your community to impact the opioid epidemic.  The playbook utilizes a pulse survey to find resources throughout your community and then provides easy to digest information on how to create or connect with new resources.

Additional Resources         

1) NJConnect.  Supportive counseling from certified counselors and peer support specialists.
2) Interim Managing Entity (Rutgers/ UBHC).  Entry point for those seeking treatment for Substance Use Disorder in NJ.
3) Opioid Abuse Toolkit Developed BY the Rutgers School of Pharmacy

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RIOT is sponsored by a grant from the NJ Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health & Addiction Services