Latin American Indicator Research Collaboratory (LAIRC)

The Latin American Indicator Research Collaboratory (LAIRC) was established to address the call to action established by the Lancet Commission on Global Sugery (LCoGS). Specifically, high quality data collection, analysis, and interpretation of the LCoGS six core surgical indicators [now accepted as six surgical World Development Indicators (WDI)] are needed to assess, inform, and implement National Surgical, Obstetrics, and Anesthesia Planning (NSOAP) in Latin American and Caribbean countries in a transparent manner.


Mission: To facilitate cross-sectoral coordination and collaboration between Latin American/Caribbean and North American partners in global surgery, public health, policy, and ministries of health to activate this data collection and surgical systems strengthening through health systems research (HSR).


Global Surgery Research Unit (GSRU)

  • A formalized partnership between Latin American/Caribbean and North American Institutions
  • A research team led by two Primary Investigators (PIs), one from each partner institution
  • Daily tasks/activities guided by two research fellows, one from each partner institution
  • Performs on the ground data collection guided by LAIRC toolit and protocol
  • The LAIRC toolkit will be available after signing the LAIRC Memorandum of Understanding

Latin American Research Collaboratory

  • A steward and promoter of GSRU formation, relationships with peer GSRUs, and GSRUs' cumulative progress in WDI data collection, analysis and interpretation
  • For a interactive map of all the current GSRUs please click here.


Becoming a GSRU

To apply, a prospective GSRU requires two partner organizations (one North American, one Latin American/Caribbean) with a PI and lead research fellow from each respective organization. If an applicant does not have a partner PI, we encourage a formal request to the LAIRC for partnership assistance to begin a process for match.

To learn more about becoming a GSRU and joining the LAIRC, please click here.

Application to the LAIRC requires that interested parties complete the following to become a GSRU and acquire the LAIRC toolkit and protocol:

  • A prospective GSRU may initiate the process of application to the LAIRC by submitting the LAIRC Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) declaring commitment to the terms of transparency, data quality, data sharing and broader implementation of NSOAP
  • Upon execution of the LAIRC MOU, each partner of the respective GSRU will receive the LAIRC toolkit, IRB research protocol, and REDCap Databases
  • Prior to initiation of data collection, notification of an official IRB and/or ethics committee approval by both GSRU institutional partners of the LAIRC research protocol must be submitted to the LAIRC

For more information, please reach out to the contacts listed below:

Gregory Peck, DO, FACS or Joseph Hanna, MD, PhD, FACS
LAIRC Co-Chairs, c/o Division of Acute Care Surgery
125 Paterson St.
Suite 6300
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901
United States