Feedback from Past Residents

Each chief resident upon graduation of the program submits a thorough written critique to the Program Director of their years at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Some of their comments follow:

"It has been a great pleasure to spend the last five years at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Department of Surgery for my general surgery training.  It is an outstanding training program that surpasses its goal of training competent safe surgeons.  The level of support that I received during my training was superb from every department.  The program has many strengths and a few areas that can use some improvements.”

"Overall, RWJ was a wonderful place in which to train. In fact, I would posit that it is one of the best surgical training programs in the country. The strengths of the program are numerous. There is an excellent diversity of cases and very few fellowship programs within the institution. The relationships with the attendings are very collegial and the attendings, as a whole, are talented surgeons. In addition, the residents have a fairly high level of camaraderie, making the work environment pleasant and productive. As a whole, the program encourages principled, patient-centered practice and is true to the ethical standards held by the profession. The program is supportive of the residents during times of difficulty and overall in excellent-compliance with the work hour restrictions.”

"The ethnic diversity was comforting and I felt at home. The chief residents were friendly and unassuming. The faculty members were very approachable and I was surprised that they would stop and chat in the hallways. Overall, the atmosphere at this institution is cordial, collegiate and one is exposed to a diversity of personalities as well as operations. Recently, I have reviewed my operative log; I arrived to UMDNJ with less than 200 cases (as a PGY-3) and will leave with about 1200. One thousand cases in 3 years: I came here a physician and I leave a surgeon. Thank you for making that happen."

"This program has the ideal balance of clinical and operative cases, teaching, and academic opportunity in the laboratory in particular. I know that I could not have received better training as a future surgeon anywhere."

"The culture:  This is a great place to train because of the work environment cultivated by the faculty and residents.  It is a friendly, positive, non-intimidating, and healthy environment to train in.”

"The attendings:  The attendings are well trained, willing to teach, and overall a pleasure to work with.  They create a culture and set a standard that promotes excellence.”

"The operative experience:  I am very happy with the operative experience the program affords.  We have the benefit of a tertiary care institution like RWJ where we perform complex operations, as well as community settings where we do a lot of general surgery.  The program is a gem because there are very few fellows to challenge the resident for cases.  I think the program is especially strong in the areas of breast surgery, endocrine surgery, open general surgery basic laparoscopic surgery, colorectal surgery, surgical oncology and trauma.  Overall, the program is solid, broad and comprehensive, and I feel confident to operate independently having completed this residency.”

"The opportunities:  The program is supportive of the residents to pursue their career goals, whether it is surgery or a competitive fellowship.  There are ample opportunities for research and lab productivity.  Ultimately, I was able to match in my fellowship of choice, and I am very grateful for the strong support for my leadership of the program.”