Basic Science Research

The Division Faculty research interests are broad and include studies in embryonic development (Foty), wound healing (Corbett), tissue engineering (Foty), malignant invasion (Foty), inflammation and sepsis (Calvano, Corbett), gut immunity (Laouar), and renal transplantation and physiology (LaskowOsband). Basic research methodology spans the multi-scale from molecular biology, to cell, tissue, and organismal biology as well as biomechanics. State-of-the-art research facilities and technical expertise provide an excellent teaching environment for undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, medical students and residents. Division Faculty have a long and productive publication history and have been highly successful at generating new NIH and other federal, State, and private funding for their programs.

Translational Research

The Division also provides support for small and large animal research programs. This includes capabilities for development of innovative techniques, monitoring, long-term care, and standard as well as non-traditional assays. The vivarium is staffed by technical personnel with experience in diverse surgical technologies. The division has established a rapid response program that promotes a seamless entry point for individuals and industry partners seeking to take advantage of these facilities. The details of this initiative are outlined below.

Patient-Oriented Research and Clinical Trials

A major theme of the Division is the encouragement of patient-oriented research. Many members of the faculty avail themselves of the expertise afforded by Division faculty and staff in the pursuit of both investigator-initiated and sponsored research. Several NIH-sponsored clinical research initiatives are underway in the division (see below). Highly experienced support staff are available to provide assistance in trial design, contracting, and protocol submission as well as comprehensive clinical trials management. Biostatistical support is also available through the Division. A rapid response clinical trials program assures effective clinical trials initiation.

Please refer to the "Faculty" tab for specific research programs.