Minimally Invasive Urology

Endourology is the use of a small telescope to gain access to the urinary system. This minimally invasive technique allows our Doctors to visualize the inside of the bladder, ureter and kidney, without making a surgical incision. In this manner, the presence of a stone, polyp, or tumor not otherwise seen in the urinary tract can be determined. We have found that in many patients, it is preferable that treatment be performed endoscopically. This can be accomplished at our center through the use of specially adapted lithotriptor and laser probes. We currently have an active program for the evaluation and treatment of upper urinary tract stones and tumors, which many patients have found helpful.

Laparoscopy is performed by passing a telescope through the abdominal wall, usually at the umbilicus, to directly visualize the inside of the abdomen and pelvis. Though primarily diagnostic in adults and children, interventional laparoscopy is evolving. For example, lymphadenectomy (removal of lymph nodes) for the staging of urologic malignancy may be performed through this technique, avoiding an incision and prolonged hospitalization. Laparoscopy is also helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of some children with undescended testicle(s). Our approach to additional laparoscopic techniques is in evolution and we would be happy to talk with you regarding this.

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