Medical Education

Clerkship Overview

The required course in surgery at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School consists of two separately graded modules: an 8-week clerkship in the third year and a 4-week clerkship in the 4th year. In combination, the clerkships provide basic didactic and practical experience in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients with disorders that may require surgical treatment.

Web CT

Students should also logon to  WebCT when their rotation/block starts to obtain more details about their Surgery clerkship experience. A WebCT ID and password is required to gain access to the RWJMS Surgery Clerkship and Senior Surgery Clerkship websites.

Clerkship Coordinator

Joni G. Marano
MEB 500-A
(732) 235-6160
Fax: (732) 235-8741

Third Year Clerkship
Fourth Year Clerkship