Research Development and Training

Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS) Department of Surgery collaborates with the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical de-vice industries, in direct education and research activities, to develop and proliferate technologies to enhance health care. This is facilitated with RWJMS clinicians from multiple disciplines and surgical specialties. The Department brings extensive clinical knowledge and expertise to this venture and often works with researchers from the Rutgers University's Center for Advanced Information Processing(CAIP) and Biomedical Engineering Department, as well as the NJ Center for Biomaterials (a cooperative research initiative of RWJMS,  Rutgers, the State of New Jersey, and NJIT).

These groups lend world class expertise in advanced information technology, biomaterials science, and biomedical engineering to develop the next generation of biomedical devices and materials. RWJMS Department of Surgery collaborates with industry to advance health care technology and safely and expeditiously apply it to clinical practice. This is achieved through assisting with product validations, conducting pre-clinical studies and clinical trials, providing training in the use of health care technology for physicians and medical students, and assessing ethical issues related to the application of health care technology for individuals and society as a whole.

Education and training in clinical practice is also available to R&D engineers and scientists engaged in developing new medical devices. The Department has an impressive history in assisting the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries with; training, pre-clinical studies, clinical trials, product testing, and product validation.