Eric B. Chandler Health Center

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Payments and Insurance Coverage for Primary and Preventive Services

The Eric B. Chandler Center 's mission is to provide area residents with access to primary and preventive health and dental services. Center staff will assist patients in identifying covered benefits of insurance carriers. However, the ultimate payment of fees is the responsibility of the patient or the parent. Insurance coverage is a contract between the patient and the insurance carrier. EBCHC encourages patients to discuss any questions he/she may have with the Center's Financial Registrars/Counselors.


The Eric B. Chandler Health Center accepts Medicaid as a means of insurance coverage. At the time of registration, and periodically thereafter, the patient's Medicaid eligibility is verified by EBCHC Registrars and Financial Counselors.


EBCHC has been a provider in the Federal Medicare Program for over 20 years. Individuals covered by Medicare are responsible for paying 20% co-payments at the time of service. Medicare does not cover dental services.

However, the health center sees patients regardless of their ability to pay or on a sliding fee discount.


Patients who are uninsured may receive primary and preventive health and dental services on a "sliding fee scale", based on verified income and dependents. You may also be eligible for participation in supplemental insurance coverage under the N.J. 1991 Health Care Cost Reduction Act.

Private/Commercial Insurance

Patients with private insurance that covers health and/or dental services are welcome. Financial Counselors/Registrars will assist patients in determining if the Eric B. Chandler Health Center is a participating provider in their insurance plan. 

Managed Care Programs

The Eric B. Chandler Health Center participates in a number of Managed Health Care Programs. Other health and dental provider agreements are presently being negotiated. Patients should bring their managed care Health/Dental Plan Identification Card with them at the time of their scheduled appointment. The Center instructs patients to review their plan documents carefully to become familiar with covered services.