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About Shared Equipment Services

Shared Equipment Services (SES) is a laboratory equipment repair service and service management program which is provided through the Office of Dean at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS). It was established to provide the research, clinical and academic community of RWJMS with a convenient, economical means of obtaining technical services. Services are provided by in house technical personnel or vendors who specialize in specific laboratory instruments or services.

Our shops, located on the Piscataway campus, can provide service for a variety of devices. The electronic shop can service most electronic equipment and tabletop instruments. The machine shop provides services for fabrication and repair of mechanical laboratory devices. In house labor costs are subsidized by Office of the Dean resulting in very reasonable rates.

For services which require expertise beyond our shops capabilities, selected outside vendors are used. Our vendors have the technical training and experience to provide the level of service recommended by the equipment manufacturers. In many cases, the vendors are able to perform factory authorized repair service on site.

Our objective is to provide quality work at a reasonable price. To be selected by SES, a vendor must provide customer references, agree to be responsive when called and have a reasonable, competitive pricing structure. Due to the volume of business we do with a vendor, the rate we are charged is usually less than their normal rate. Our charge to you reflects this discount. In addition, by having service arranged through SES, we can monitor the vendor work and coordinate multiple services if necessary.

All UMDNJ charges for services provided through SES are processed through IDT’s, purchase orders are not necessary. A phone call to us will initiate most service requests.

We will evaluate requests for new services, if we feel we can provide the service at a competitive price it will be added to our list. We have also provided custom services for special applications.

The following pages outline the various services offered by Shared Equipment Services. Information is provided about the in-house shops, as well as equipment and devices serviced by our vendors. Since rates and charges vary between vendors and may change over time, call SES for current pricing.