Decontamination and Sterilization Services

We supply preventative maintenance and repair services for sterilization decontamination equipment. We also provide operator training for Steris equipment. Dave Lippincott is factory trained on Steris equipment.

Autoclaves Washers Dryers  Generators 
3000 Stage 3   16”x16”  Model 400  Model 1034  30 KW
3000 Stage 3   20”x20”  Model 6000 Model 1044 45KW      
Century small   20”x20”  Model 9500 Hotpack  60KW
Century medium 26”x26”  Hoplab 1021 Gruenberg 75KW
Floor Loader 26"x62"x42" Forma 120KW
Bulk Sterilizer 85" 180KW



Contact Information

For preventative maintenance, repair services, sterilization,
and/or decontamination of equipment, contact:

Dave Lippincott
Phone: (732) 235-4643



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