Research is becoming an integral part of each residents experience at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. The RWJ research program requires that each resident produce a publishable manuscript during their 5 years of residency. Currently there are multiple IRB approved clinical prospective and retrospective studies being performed, as well as various multi-center trials being performed at RWJ-UH. All research is driven by the residents with guidance by a full-time research coordinator, Patricia Seuffert MS. APN. Residents are required to present their research updates on a quarterly basis to Dr. Gatt and the other residents, as well as presenting at the RWJ Orthopaedic Research Symposium held at the end of the academic year.

The orthopaedic residency program is also intimately involved with a musculoskeletal laboratory chaired by Dr. Dunn located within RWJ-UH. This laboratory performs basic science research and provides an opportunity for orthopaedic residents to become involved in tissue engineering as well as the ability to perform animal and cadaveric science research.

For more information regarding ongoing research, or information about becoming involved with orthopaedic research at RWJ, please contact Dr. Gatt or Barbara Perry.

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Selected Recent Publications