The New Brunswick area provides an exciting blend of urban, suburban and semi-rural regions. Because of its many attractive features, the New Brunswick-Princeton corridor is one of the most prominent corporate and residential growth areas in the country. The city of New Brunswick itself has undergone a dramatic rebirth and redevelopment.

Highlights of Central New Jersey:

  • Proximity to New York and Philadelphia
  • Numerous parks and recreational areas offering sailing, fishing, hunting, canoeing, hiking, skiing, white water rafting
  • The Jersey Shore
  • Easy accessibility to Newark Liberty
  • International Airport, Amtrak and NJ Transit and interstate bus lines.
  • Multiple cultural centers and professional theaters with performances by nationally known artists in music and dance
  • Wide variety of employment opportunities available for spouses -- especially in the high tech and pharmaceutical industries Quality primary education system, schools, and day care centers
  • Attractive, safe residential areas with ample of affordable housing
  • Excellent variety of shopping and dining
  • Excellent local museums and art galleries