Applying to RWJMS

Rutgers - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS) places high value on a balanced undergraduate education. While this balance will vary with the background and interests of the individual, it is expected that applicants will have exposed themselves to course work in the humanities, behavioral sciences, and liberal arts as well as premedical sciences. We encourage applications from individuals with diverse backgrounds and careers in other disciplines. Preference for admission is given to residents of the State of New Jersey. However, the importance of geographic diversity is recognized, and out of state applicants with outstanding credentials are encouraged to apply. Every medical student is required to sign that they can meet these essential functions

Admission Requirements

The MCAT and a minimum of three years of college consisting of 90 semester hours of college work (exclusive of military and physical education) are required. By the time of matriculation, applicants must have completed their bachelor's degree. The MCAT must be taken within three years preceding the application and no later than December of the year of application. Early submission and completion of the application is strongly encouraged. The following undergraduate courses are required:

  • Biology or Zoology (with Laboratory): 2 semesters
  • Inorganic or General Chemistry (with laboratory): 2 semesters
  • Organic Chemistry (with laboratory): 1 semester
  • Biochemistry: 1 semester 
  • Physics (with laboratory): 2 semesters
  • College Mathematics: 2 semesters (One semester may be a statistics or biostatistics course. College Mathematics can include many types of mathematics, calculus or other courses.)
  • *English: 2 semesters

**English requirement must include one semester of a college writing course. College approved "intensive writing courses" may substitute for English.

NOTE: Other courses which are not required for admission but may be helpful include courses that explore the cultural and social factors influencing well-being, anatomy and physiology, cell and molecular biology, biostatistics and Spanish. We look for applicants to have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 and a total MCAT of 498 with with no section lower than a 123.

As a condition for admission and matriculation, all accepted students will be required to authorize RWJMS to obtain a criminal background check. Students may also be required to obtain a background check themselves or authorize clinical training facilities to conduct this check, and to permit the results to be provided by the reporting agency to Rutgers and/or to clinical facilities.

The Admissions Committee reserves the right to waive or impose specific requirements at its discretion.


The Admission Process

 The American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS)

Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School participates in the American Medical College Application & Letter Service. If you wish to submit an application for admission into the first-year class, apply directly through AMCAS.

Applications must include letters of recommendation (Pre-medical Advisory Committee evaluation or three academic recommendations) and MCAT scores in order to be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. RWJMS requires three letters of recommendation (or committee evaluation) and allows up to 10 letters, the additional letters do not need to be from professors. We do welcome committee letters, but do not require them.

 Secondary Application

Upon receipt of the AMCAS application, applicants will receive an email directing them to complete a secondary application as well as to submit an $80 application fee. The secondary includes one page of short answers to be returned by e-mail. The $80 application fee may be paid by credit card or mailed back by check. Instructions on submitting the fee will be sent by email.

In an effort to broaden the holistic review of medical school applicants, RWJMS requires all applicants who receive a secondary application to complete a situational judgement/competency test.  Beginning in the 2024 cycle, RWJMS asks applicants to submit either the CASPer by Acuity test titled CSP-10111-U.S. Medicine (find this on their website under explore dates, USA, medicine (allopathic)) OR the PREview by AMMC test (register by selecting the “Log In To Your AAMC PREview Portal” button on the AAMC Professional Readiness Exam webpage). You may register for either test and select our school as one receiving scores prior to receiving our welcome letter and secondary instructions. 

We are not requiring, nor will we receive the Snapshot or Duet results that Acuity is advertising. 

For more information on the CASPer by Acuity test Click Here.

For more information on the PREview by AAMC test Click Here.

COVID-19 Related Information for 2024 Applicants

Pass/Fail Grades – RWJMS will accept pass/fail grades, for courses taken during the COVID pandemic. Ideally candidates will have science course grades for the majority of their courses on their application.  We will always review your application as a whole and never focus on grades exclusively.  

Online Courses – As many undergraduate schools transitioned to online courses during the pandemic, we will accept online courses from candidates who were enrolled during the pandemic. Ideally you will have primarily in-person coursework and some in-person labs or hands on research experience. 

Virtual Experiences – Virtual experiences are permitted. Shadowing is not and has not been required.  The admissions committee is looking for evidence of your exploration of the medical profession, passion for the profession, and service orientation.  This evidence can take many forms. 

For general questions please email:

Find out more about RWJMS Admissions by visiting the AAMC MSAR