Data Storage and Infrastructure

All RWJMS Faculty and Staff have a responsibility for safeguarding sensitive data.  As such, the storing of sensitive data on a workstation’s local hard drive is frowned upon.  If you must store  confidential data, please contact the RWJMS Help Desk 732-743-3300 or

There are three main reasons why your local drive should not be the primary location to store data:

  • Local drives are not backed up. In the event of hard drive failure, the drive will be replaced, and all data will have been lost.
  • Corrupted applications will often require a complete restaging of the computer. This will cause locally stored data to be lost.
  • The local drive is the least secure storage available to users.

The benefits of storing data using the secure RWJMS storage infrastructure:

  • All data and virtual server’s configurations are backed up securely every night. These backups are then retained for 14 days before the data is purged.
  • A file must have existed on the storage for at least one full night for it to be backed up. Therefore, any file or folder that is created and then deleted in the same work day will not be backed up, and therefore cannot be restored.
  • If you need a file or folder restored on your storage share, please contact IT Support ( They will need to know the file and folder name as well as the time and date that the file was found missing or altered.
  • Please note that the file may not be restored instantly - it can take a full business day for the restoration process to complete. Additionally, the restored file may have "_old" appended to its name so as not to overwrite any file already present. You may rename the file once the restoration has been completed.

Available To:

  • RWJMS Faculty and Staff


  • Centralized location for sharing files with department or groups
  • Files are backed up nightly
  • Follow Rutgers Security Guidelines
  • Follow HIPPA and FERPA Privacy Rules
  • Files on the school’s servers are accessible from any computer on the campus network or connections through the school’s VPN.

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