Faculty and Staff Services

Research Computing Host Security

The Research Computing file and storage server is an online disk storage system maintaining computer data that is attached to the RHBS network.

All participating research departments in the (Core) managed environment are provided access to network storage in the form of mapped drives that are connected via an applied logon script when a user logs into the domain. For ease of support RWJMS has standardized on a separate drives known as (R). All files and folders that reside on network storage are backed up nightly. The Microsoft Volume Shadow service is installed on the server hosting network storage so that all file restorations do not necessarily need to come from tape. All network storage is subject to departmental quota enforcement as deemed necessary to ensure server stability and the completion of backups. All network storage clients should review the Acceptable Use Policy for information regarding the types of data that are allowed to be saved on network storage.

Standardize Platform

Workstations will conform to a standard hardware and software configuration. The use of a standard operating system and hardware requirements simplifies support and development environments, increasing system manageability. The minimum workstation hardware requirements, supported software listing, and recommended configurations are available in the Workstation Hardware and Software Standards document.

Network Authentication

RWJMS research data users will authenticate to the core domain network with their core account credentials. Once authenticate they will gain access to the network shared resources within their respective department.

Data Storage and Backup

The network drive will be available for saving and sharing work data. The drive will also be backed up on a Daily and Monthly schedule.

The “R” drive is the departmental research data drive for storing files to be shared, accessed, and modified by anyone in the department.

Mobile Devices and Service Plans

The University supports:

  • iPhone 6s – iPhone 7.32GB for Patient Keeper
  • Dept. Budget 6s – iPhone X
  • iPad support through Verizon
  • Verizon MiFi
  • ATT Nighthawk Mobile Hotspots

To order a mobile device, please complete one of the attached forms. All forms must have department and budget approval. A calling plan must be selected from the following options:


  • ATT Nighthawk Mobile Hotspots

All plans include Unlimited Data and Mobile-to-Mobile minutes

  • 300 Minute Government Bundle


  • Verizon MiFi

Unlimited Data Plan of $40/month, Voice Plans:

  • 400 min, code 73988 = $46.15/month
  • 600 min, code 73990 = $58.65/month
  • 1000 min, code 73992 = $70.19/month
  • WiFi - $40.00/month
Request for a Mobile Device
  • To request a device, use the applicable request form. Follow the directions as specified. All mobile device requests must specify a valid billing index number.
  • Complete the Cellular Phone and Accessory Request Form (Download Form) and Email it to Reginald McGriff - mcgrifrd@rwjms.rutgers.edu

Number Transfer

If approved by the department, a personal mobile number can be transferred to a university device. To process the transfer please complete the following:

  • For Verizon customers, please complete the transfer form Facilitate this information online.
  • For AT&T customers, please send an email to (Have an additional button on the site that will provide the information to be send to grochomr@rwjms.rutgers.edu with the following info: Current user name on account Current AT&T personal account number Current AT&T personal phone number
  • Once the form has been filled out and submitted, please call ATT Care (1-800-331-0500) to have your account noted. Authorizing your number to be transferred to Rutgers billing responsibility. You will need to change the billing plan on the personal account if you are on a family/share plan.

Lost or Stolen

If your device is lost, stolen or broken contact

  • Keith Wheeler 732-235-6614 wheeleke@rwjms.rutgers.edu
  • Please include your budget officer and department head. If your budget officer and department head are not included on the request, it cannot be processed.

Click on the links below to get additional Information on International rates.

  • ATT Wireless

  • Verizon Wireless

    Please note: you will receive a confirmation email one day prior to your departure date stating the plans were added to your mobile device.
Mobile Security

The University has implemented securing all University smartphones, using password-protection and encryption. Users will now have to enter a password with a minimum of six characters including special characters and numbers to use their smartphones. If a user loses a smartphone another person cannot access it. Additionally, because the device is encrypted its content is not readable when tethered to a computer by an unauthorized party.

Mobility Policies and Forms


All RWJMS- OIT projects begin with an official request

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