Accounts and Access

Net ID and Core Account Access

Core accounts are generated via Human Resources at the time of hiring. This is an automated process, and requires no intervention on the employee’s part. If there are any difficulties with your Core account, please contact your manager, who will, in turn, contact the RWJMS OIT Application Support team at for assistance.

New accounts will need to be activated. You can activate your NetID at

This process will entail authenticating yourself, setting an initial core password, and completing e-mail settings. Should you require assistance with this, please contact the Rutgers Computing Services Help Desk at 848-445-HELP (4357).


Accounts and Passwords

Core passwords are valid for 365 days. Core password resets can be done via the self-service password reset tool at

After going to the site, please click on Manage NetID password. This tool will ask for your current core username and password (even if expired), and you can reset your password in the next step.

If you do not remember your Core password, you can click on Forgotten Password. This will ask for authentication information, and then prompt you to answer your 3 security questions (this was setup during your netID activation process). If you do not remember the answers to these questions, you will need to call the Rutgers Computing Services Help Desk at 848-445-HELP (4357). 3 unsuccessful attempts at answers will prompt your account to be locked, and you will need the Rutgers Help Desk to unlock your account and assist with the reset process.

Guest Accounts (Faculty and Staff Only)

Should a Guest account be required, please contact your manager for assistance. Your manager will then provide the link to request a Guest Account online.

Select the option for “Submit Request for a new Guest” Fill out the required fields on the form and submit the request. After all required signatures and approvals are received from the Sponsor listed, your request is processed. You will receive an E-mail from “Guest Provisioning” that contains your Guest NetID and instructions on how to activate your account and proceed forward.

Administrative Access to Desktop or Laptop

Users are not automatically granted Administrative access to their workstations. Administrative access to a user’s workstation must be requested via application, authorization. Administrative rights to a workstation is required if you need to install programs, manage your machine or in some cases run programs/applications. For a user to be authorized his/her workstation must be part of the Core Domain. User must have a core login. Signature from the manager or department head will be required in the authorization form.

Process to obtain Administrative Access

  • Click on the following link and select the choice for Administrative Access. Click Register.
  • The user must accept On Screen policies before proceeding to the Application form.
  • Complete the online form.
  • After you have register, print and sign the form. Signature from a department head/ manager is required.
  • The signed form must be faxed to the Number listed in the upper right-hand corner to obtain the Technical liaison signature.
  • Once the Technical liaison has approved the request and has signed the form. He will fax the form to the appropriate number to have the Administrative rights granted
  • Computer Service Technology (CST) will provide admin access through Group policy. Once the Policy has been created, CST will complete the request through the web-based Admin page, which sends another email to the requester informing them that the rights have been granted and they should reboot their machines in order to activate the rights.

Problems or questions concerning administrative access should be directed to _________.

All RWJMS- OIT projects begin with an official request

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