Staff Council Overview

Welcome to the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Staff Council & Wellness website, and thank you for taking the time to learn about Who We Are and What We Do!

The Staff Council provides a forum for staff to voice concerns, make recommendations, and propose new ideas.  Elected representatives act as liaison between staff and administration, to work together in addressing issues and developing best solutions for the majority.

The Council will focus our efforts in the following ways:

-Serve in an advisory capacity to the Dean.
-Enhance the exchange of information among staff, as well as between employees at the school.
-Examine and understand policies affecting staff and make recommendations to appropriate administrators.
-Establish standing and subcommittees as appropriate to perform the SC’s functions.
-Recommend staff to the Dean for appointment to committees.
-Maintain a supportive and rewarding workplace for staff.
-Meet on a monthly basis to discuss opinions, concerns, and recommendations through majority agreement to achieve improvements.


The Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Staff Council (Council) will provide medical school employees with a forum for raising, discussing, and making recommendations on current policy and procedures to enable them to better serve the school.  The Council is committed to assessing, prioritizing, and communicating staff needs, and responding to those needs through the implementation of developmental programs and job enhancing initiatives.