Who We Are

Staff Council Officers

Faith Jackson

Staff Council Chair

Assistant Manager
Office of Information Technology
Susan Giordano

Staff Council Vice Chair

Program Director
Office of Community Health
John Mikolajczyk

Staff Council Secretary

Secretary II
Dept of Psychiatry
Caryn Carroll

Prinicipal Management Assistant
Basic Science Department
Patricia Dooley Budsock

Program Manager
Department of Psychiatry
Division of Addiction Psychiatry
Beth Dillon

Program Administrator
Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
Jennifer Forbes

Associate Director, Public Relations
Interim Director, Department of Communications and Public Affairs
Lauren Giermanski

Program Supervisor
Department of Surgery
Division of Colorectal Surgery
Marsha Gordon

Executive Director, CARE-PC
Research Division Administrator
Department of Family Medicine and Community Health Research Division
Mary Green
Program Manager
Office of Education
Victoria Joseph, MPA, PMP
Project Manager of Ambulatory Care Services
Kathy-Ann Mitchell

Manager of Education Administration
Office of Education

Louis Osorio

Research Teaching Specialist II
Child Health Institute
Roger Thornton

Program Coordinator
Office of Faculty Affairs
Missy Wimbush
Program Manager
Office of Education