Alliance Shared Measurement Project

Fundamental to Healthier New Brunswick’s (HNB) collective impact approach is the development of a shared measurement system. The goals of HNB’s shared measurement system are to:

  • provide focus and help ensure alignment of HNB’s efforts;
  • collect data longitudinally and measure progress towards HNB goals; and
  • help increase the capacity of New Brunswick to address and achieve health outcomes.

Since 2013, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School has facilitated the development of a sustainable shared data model for Healthier New Brunswick. In order to inform the development of the shared data set, RWJMS faculty published Measurement to Promote a Healthier New Brunswick: Survey of New Brunswick, N.J. Data, which evaluated health-related studies conducted in New Brunswick and recommended health indicators for a shared measurement system for New Brunswick. Starting in 2015, the Medical School with the assistance of the TCC Group led a lengthy community-engaged process to create the shared data set. This 15-indicator set includes five indicators for each of three community-determined priority health issues:

  • access to care
  • nutrition
  • mental health.

In 2017, data collection was completed for the first set of data and RWJMS faculty with community partners published the white paper, New Brunswick’s Shared Data Measurement Project: Report on Fifteen Indicators.