Vision & Mission Statements

Vision Statement

Our Department is dedicated to excellence through the integration of clinical care, research, education, and community service.

  • Clinical Care
    We will provide exceptional patient focused, family centered, community oriented clinical care. Entering into this partnership with patients means that we are responsive to patient needs, are financially sound, and provide the highest quality health services.
  • Research
    We will lead the nation in quality-of-care research that builds clinical excellence aimed at improving primary care and eliminating health care disparities.
  • Education
    We are dedicated to developing learning communities of current and future clinicians, educators, and researchers guided by Family Medicine's core values, and using best practices to promote professionalism, humanism, cultural competency, and critical thinking.
  • Community Service
    We are committed to service as members of the community and will act through advocacy, policy development and implementation, and full participation in our society's organizations and social networks.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to promote leadership and excellence in Family Medicine and Community Health through:

  • Recruiting and preparing future family physicians and primary care practitioners for clinical and academic practice in an evolving healthcare system.
  • Educating current and future physicians and other health professionals to meet the healthcare needs of diverse populations.
  • Providing personalized, high quality, comprehensive, collaborative, and continuous care to individuals in the context of their families and communities.
  • Undertaking interdisciplinary, collaborative applied research and scholarship that is both leading edge and reflective of the philosophy and practice of family medicine and primary care.
  • Supporting and fostering the Network of Affiliated Family Medicine Residency Programs, community practitioners, and others engaged in primary care practice, education, and research.