Community Medicine

Clerkship Service Learning

As part of the required Third Year Clerkship in Family Medicine, each student spends on-half day each week working with a community organization serving the underserved. The purpose of the COPC/Service Learning experience is to increase each student's understanding of the primary care needs of the underserved in our community while simultaneously working with community organizations to help address these needs. Students work with addiction services organizations, schools, pre-school centers, domestic violence organizations, and other community partners providing health education, screening and other services.

Community Oriented Primary Care Assistantship

SEARCH/Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC) Summer Assistantship (preclinical program)

An opportunity to work with community partners to promote the health of an underserved population and to develop the skills and teamwork needed to enhance community health.


DISC Program

DISC – Distinction in Service to the Community

The DISC program is run though the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and is one of three distinction programs at the medical school.