Global Health Fair


See below for some of the 2016 Posters:



This Health fair is jointly sponsored by the office of Global health and the GAIA programs at Rutgers. See below for 2015 Posters:

  • Arjun Patel - Ireland Travelogue Poster
  • Balica - Global poster
  • Conan Vaca - Global-Health-Final-Project-2-2
  • Devangi Shukla - SATHI_IDO
  • JonathanArmstrong - Poster
  • Peru Poster - Amadios NJMS
  • Peru Poster
  • Phillip Sgobba et al poster_template global health
  • Sonia Sandhu et al Global Health Fair Poster Cleft Lip
  • Global Health Poster - Chen Colazzo Bhatt FINAL
  • 20150630 poster IPE on GH


The 2014 Global Health Fair was held on December 3,2014 at the Arline and Henry Schwartzman Courtyard located at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, in downtown New Brunswick. This year we had a great number of posters (more than 70 posters ) and it was a very successful event.

The Global Health Fair was jointly sponsored by the office of Global Health at RWJMS and the GAIA programs at Rutgers. The keynote speaker was Dr. Mafudia A. Suaray, MD, MPH spoke on the " Ebola: Local and Global Perspectiveā€¯.

Below you will find some posters from students and faculty presenting work conducted in many countries around the globe.

  • Bakare Olubunmi-Malawi_Poster
  • Balica Global poster 2014_2
  • Charletta Ayers- IHCV Global 2014 Poster -Education
  • Jaya Kanduri - Himalayas
  • Sharita Nagraj- Global Surgery Resident Elective Poster Presentation 2014
  • Teja Pristavec- Global Health Fair
  • Rebekah Gensure- Promise to Peru
  • Chirag Gordhan - Trujillo
  • Brian Friel - Ecuadorean Healthcare
  • Madison Little - Ethics
  • Adam Kibola- Tanzania
  • Adi Kulkarni-TB Poster
  • Helen Mac - Global Health Poster
  • Azad Hirpara - Global Health Poster Moxibustion
  • Ecuador poster - Carla
  • Elizabeth Trainor- public health
  • Global Health Poster-office of global health


This year's event was the first at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School since it officially became part of Rutgers University as part of Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS). The Fair was held on December 3, 2013 at the Main Auditorium of the Medical School at 675 Hoes Lane, Piscataway NJ. The keynote address was given by Dr. Brian Strom, the new chancellor at RBHS. Students and faculty across all Rutgers professional schools were in attendance. Below you will find posters from students and faculty presenting work conducted in many countries around the globe.

  • Carolyn Ochoa, Krutika Parasar, and Soha Shah (Peru)
  • Nancy Phillips and Rebecca Barnett (USA)
  • Jacobo Leopoldo Santolaya (Spain)
  • Krysta Contino (San Salvador de Jujuy)
  • Rishi Jaggernauth (USA/Guyana)
  • Jonathan Armstrong and Mosopefoluwa Lanlokun (Peru)
  • Ogechukwu Erechukwu, Ankita Tripathi and Francis Barchi (Africa/Latin America)
  • Tejumola Adegoke, Hima Bodagala, Charletta Ayers, Arnelle Midley (Ghana)
  • Brittany Reardon and Kate Pawloski (India's Himalaya)
  • Adrian Balica and Sejal Amin (USA)
  • Colleen Turek (Spain/USA)
  • Tara Iyer (India)
  • Shantel Sunchar (Spain)
  • Sharita Nagaraj, S. Mama, James Aikins, and Charletta Ayers (Ghana)
  • Aadya Sharma and Gloria Bachmann (Israel)
  • Amma Owusu-Akyaw and Francis Barchi (Ghana)
  • Danika Paulo (India)
  • Danka Paulo and Tara Iyer (USA)
  • Jason Kaplan, Deven Kulkarni, Saidivya S. Nair, Arun Raju, and Sunpreet Singh (USA)
  • Kristin Bonello (India/Nepal)