Preparing for Your Trip

Student Checklist

For RWJMS Students

→ A Compiled checklist
→ More important information from GAIA


Travel tracker -international SOS

CDC travel tips

International Phone Guide

U.S department of states (Comprehensive Traveler's checklist)

International Travel Insurance

For International Student

Complete all applicable below:

A checklist has been created by the office of global health.

Short term Visitors form

Short term guest agreement form

Guest identification card request form

RU-EOHSI Questionnaire

Housing information for International Students

Application - Rutgers Housing

Highland Montgomery-housing

Plaza Square-housing

AIRbnb housing


a href="">


Short term Apartment rentals for Visiting Faculty and Staff

Bonus Tips for both incoming and outgoing students

How to make long flight enjoyable

20 tips before traveling internationally

Suggested Timeline

  • Aug - Jan

    Find program, apply
    Fill out Global Health Grant Application
    Attend Global Health Fair
    Get passport
  • Jan – Feb

    Attend required meetings
    Determine when need to apply for visa
    Shop airfares
    Start immunizations
  • March – April

    Global Health Grant application due no later than March 15th
    Attend required meetings
  • May

    Shop / pack
    International cell phones
    Call credit card companies, ATM access
    Packing (required dress code if any, etc)
  • June / July

  • August / Sept

    Come back and share what you’ve learned!