Reasons to Travel

Why Go Abroad During Medical School?

  • Broaden cultural competency for domestic and international work. These experiences may be relevant in New Brunswick/NJ communities, given population trends.
  • Assist in developing expertise for a career that focuses on the health needs of developing countries.
  • Sharpen physical exam skills, increase understanding of cost-constrained care, and the importance of public health.
  • Improve the ability to advocate for the needs of the most under-served patient populations in the world.

Considerations When Choosing Where to Travel

  • Personal goals for the experience (e.g., improve language skills, exposure to diverse cultures, develop understanding of public health concerns)
  • Region or country of interest
  • Type of program- Language Immersion vs. Medical (women’s health, traditional medicine, rural medicine, surgical, ortho) or combo programs
  • Language requirements
  • Weather in destination county
  • Budget constraints
  • Past student recommendations.