Travel Requirements

International Travel Checklist - Prior to Trip Abroad

1) Choose the program and country for your planned travel.

Make an appointment to speak with the Office of Global Health about your travel plans. Email Dr. Angela Gitau.

2) Apply for Global Funding through the Office of Global Health -

See the link below to download an application for travel funding, click on "Application Form For Funding".

3) Travel health and SOS Insurance Card

Before you travel internationally for a university-associated matter, you must register your trip on the international Travel Registration Site. This form provides Rutgers with the information we will need to locate you and deliver resources to you in the event of an international emergency. To learn more about international travel insurance Follow the link. Please direct your completed forms and questions about the travel registration process to Matt Spaventa

4) For M1 students: Submit your Externship or Non-Credit Clinical Experience Form to Student Affairs. 

Note: It is the student's responsibility to get parts A, B, C and D completed prior to your trip abroad (and submit this to Student Affairs for their records).  You will also bring this form with you on your trip so that part E can be completed at the conclusion of your experience abroad (submit this with part E completed to Student Affairs when you return).

Download the Externship or Non-Credit Clinical Experience

5) Guidance on Rutgers- approved Domestic and International Travel.

Please read the guidelines set forth by Rutgers University on International Travel. See Link for guidelines. You will need Travel Form C for international Travel. 

6) Get your immunizations and prophylaxis.  Plan ahead and make your appointments early before your trip!

Department of Family Medicine at Monument Square, 317 George St, First Floor New Brunswick (732-235-5160). Click Here for Student Health Services. To obtain immunization clearance.

Click Here to review the student lunch lecture PowerPoint on "Travel Associated Infections." by Sunanda Gaur, MD.

To Complete After Your Trip
Application Form for Funding
Medical Requirements
Department of State Travel Requirements
School Requirements
Travel and Airfare
Ways to Fund Your Trip
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