International Health Travel

School Requirements

Students who are going abroad for non-credit clinical experience need to complete an "Externship Form". Please read the message below from the Office of Student Affairs regarding this form.

Dear Students,

It is essential that you have a signed approval form in your file if you do any clinical activity that is not for credit toward graduation. This is the only way that you can be covered for professional liability under the university's coverage. The new form requires that in addition to the approval of the student affairs dean, the registrar and the preceptor who will be supervising you, in advance of starting the experience, you must also get a certification from the supervisor at the end of the experience that you have satisfactorily completed the described experience.

You must complete and have a signed form in your file (with sections A, B, C and D completed) prior to the start of your experience and then a revised form with Section E completed after the experience. If your clinical experience is at a site that is distant from RWJMS, then you must mail or fax us the form with the supervisor's signature in section D at the start of your experience. You may bring the completed form with Section E signed when you return from the experience.

It is very important that you follow this procedure to ensure that you will not have liability exposure without insurance from the university. If you engage in a non-credit clinical experience without following these procedures, the university will not cover you in the event of any legal action arising from any mishap that could occur."

Important: If you are going abroad to a program supported by the Office of Global Health, listed under the "Our Programs" tab, we can help you obtain the necessary signature for Section D of the Externship Form. Please submit the form (with Sections A, B, and C completed) to our office 2-3 weeks prior to your departure. You will be responsible for getting the necessary signature for Section E at the end of your rotation and submitting this form to Student Affairs upon your return.